Secure and comprehensive protection of your private data

More than just an Anti-virus solution

Comprehensive protection of all your sensitive data - on the computer, on all storage media and in the cloud.

Saves Money

Make the most of your computer's power-saving potential - Green-IT makes it possible.

Reliable protection from the professionals

For more than 12 years EgoSecure has been protecting the data of a wide range of companies and authorities around the world - competently and reliably.

The all-round package for your private IT security!

If you want to protect your data comprehensively, it's not enough to just be careful not to catch a virus or other malware from the Internet.

What additional questions should you ask yourself?

How safe is my data in the cloud?

Do you trust the encryption methods of cloud providers? Did we learn nothing from Edward Snowden? The solution is: automatic encryption of all data stored in the cloud with EgoSecure - without additional work steps. Moreover the decryption key remains with you.

How do I safely transport my data?

USB sticks or external hard drives are great for transporting data. But if you lose them, anyone can see everything - private photos, assets or health data, it can all be read. The EgoSecure solution means: automatic encryption of all data with EgoSecure without any additional effort - simply while saving normally.

How do I manage all my passwords?

Insecure passwords, such as 123456, are certainly not the solution. And naturally writing passwords down is risky, as the piece of paper could fall into the wrong hands. The EgoSecure solution is called: the password safe. You only have to remember one password for the password safe, and you have access to all others that are securely stored with encryption.

Can I really rely on the Windows delete function?

Windows does not delete the file, only the links. The danger is that everything can be restored with simple tools if a hard disk is thrown away, or a mobile data carrier falls into the wrong hands. The solution is called EgoSecure Secure Erase. On request, this function deletes data reliably and definitively by multiple overwriting.

It may not be a security question - but am I using all the energy saving potential of my computer?

During normal computer operation, there are always situations in which components are running at higher power than they should be. The computers themselves do not control this, and therefore consume more power than is actually necessary. The solution is: EgoSecure Green-IT, because this system optimally controls the power consumption of your computer. This saves money without disruptive side effects.

How much should private data security actually cost?

Do the many extra features make EgoSecure Home Data Protection more expensive than traditional Anti-virus products? No, because an annual license for 3 computers costs only €27. This is cheaper than most competitive products, yet they do not include the green IT feature. With Green IT you can also save money. All in all, EgoSecure Home Data Protection can even pay for itself in full, so effectively it costs nothing.

Egosecure Home Data Protection: Features at a Glance

Our Philosophy

"An all-round secure world of data is our motivation, but that does not mean that people will find it harder to use their data. We put all our experience and expertise into software solutions that make secure data a matter of course, without disrupting people from using their computers as before. Our customers call that simply beautiful IT security solutions."

S. Schlotthauer, CEO Egosecure

Down to Earth

Founded and flourishing in Ettlingen, Baden-Württemberg - this is where German IT security software for the global market has been developed for more than 12 years.

Open to the world

International sales and technology partnerships make us and our solutions fit for the challenges of an open data world.


The customer has always been the focus of our activities. We do everything to make it as easy as possible for the customer to reliably protect their data.


Always one step ahead of the competition - this has shaped our actions for more than 12 years. That's why today we are regarded as the innovation leader in our industry.


In addition to private data, we also protect the data of many thousands of international industrial and commercial businesses , ministries, police departments, hospitals, etc.

Animal Lovers

Why is our mascot a porcupine called Egon? Because it is optimally protected against attacks by enemies with its spines, but it is also a very friendly animal. Your data is also optimally protected with EgoSecure in a friendly manner.